St. Kitts Music Festival gets early cut-off this year

The chairman of the St. Kitts Music Festival Committee, Damion Hobson, reaffirmed that the nightly cut-off hour for the St. Kitts Music Festival will be 1 am.

Speaking at a St. Kitts Music Festival (SKMF) press conference on Tuesday, 5th June, Hobson said that commitment has been made to allow patrons to take part in fringe activities taking place on the nights of the concerts.

“That means we have to have an on-time start. It is our intention to open the gates at 7 am, one hour before the show starts,” said Chairman Hobson, who indicated that there will be pre-show entertainment.

The chairman is sending out the alert to come early, because, unlike in past years some of the marque performers will appear early in the show.

“We want you to get your money’s worth,” said Chairman Hobson.

In other Music Festival matters, the chairman provided brief updates.

He reported that the sound, stage and lights are being provided by Rent-a-Amp for the 2018 St. Kitts Music Festival. Rent-a-Amp just completed the Tobago Jazz Festival. They’ll bring a bigger stage, brighter lights and an awesome sound.”

He said also that ticket sales through the online sales facility were going well.

Hobson noted, “As of this morning, we sold 1,124 tickets, with Thursday leading the way with 37 per cent of the online ticket sales. Physical tickets are now available, as of June 1st. For general tickets, it is $135, available at the TDC Business Centre and Gold Standard Clothing on Port Zante.”

The chairman informed that the schedule for Fringe Activities is already printed, and can also be seen on the website, the and see the Fringe Activities scheduled for the month of June.

Hobson said, “It’s a full schedule. I think there are three or four activities every week. It is important that you find out what is happening and be a part of the activities.”

He added, “We want you to be in a festive mood for the festival.”