This design was created by Rosie Cameron of Cameron Art Galleries.

The logo portrays a laid back trumpet player, with music notes flowing from the horn. Today, a border of shak shaks, a flash from the past, surrounds the trumpeter, in an effort to incorporate both old and new ideas in the festival’s new look.

Interestingly, Cameron was never commissioned to produce a logo. And no logo was ever even contemplated.

The talented artist was instead tasked with producing a design for the first t-shirt. The decision to use the trumpeter as the logo was a casual decision made during a breakfast meeting at the Ballahoo Restaurant in The Circus, Basseterre, with Adrian Lam, Val Henry, Stanley Franks and Gairy Knight, Executive Director of the first secretariat.

Henry suggested that it would be a good idea to incorporate a portion of the t-shirt’s design (the trumpeter) to create what could become a festival logo. Despite some initial hesitation the team agreed, and today we have a logo that is universally recognized.