Who will be the 2018 DJ Mix Down Champ?

One of the most keenly contested pre-St. Kitts Music Festival events, the popular DJ Competition, is set for this Friday, 22nd June, at the famous JamRock in Frigate Bay.

On that night, 10 of the best DJs in the federation will come together for the toughest and most creative mix-offs for the 2018 St. Kitts Music Festival.

Who will win the ‘bragging rights’? Will it be Selecta Deen, last year’s champion? Here is the full list of competitors:

* Madrass Sound

* Selecta Deen

* DJ Tero

* Fitzroy Richards

* Xtortion Sounds

* Akaii U Sweet

* Biggz Supreme

* Selector Purple

* New Generation Sounds

* Upmove Sound

It is going to be a night to remember, as each DJ celebrity goes through his/her rounds.

Two judged rounds and one open round. Tunes from this year’s St. Kitts Music Festival will feature in the judged rounds. In the open round, DJ will mix tunes of Music Festival Artistes from 1996 to 2005.

DJs will be judged on their mix-down and execution, their creativity, as well as the overall impact they have on the audience.

What’s at stake? Three thousand dollars goes to the winner, along with an Angostura contract. Plus, one night on the Music Festival stage.

Second place gets $1500 and a night on the Music Festival Stage, and third place competitor gets $1000.

Who will be the 2018 St. Kitts Music Festival DJ Mix Down Champion? Come out and experience the action, this Friday, 9am, at JamRock, Frigate Bay.